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Omaheke (East)


The Omaheke Region ( Hereo language: Sandveld)  region lies on the eastern border of Namibia and comprises the district of Gobabis as well as former Hereroland East. A large part of this region, notably the former Hereroland East area, is known as the Sandveld. Because of its location and inaccessibility from other parts of Namibia, this region, although sparsely populated, forms an economic and administrative unit. Gobabis is the main centre of this area and also its main business hub, as it is linked with the capital of Namibia by rail and tarred road.
It is the region that mainly focuses on agricultural patterns and is to a large extent consistent. Most of the 900 commercial/3 500 communal farmers in this area are cattle breeders. The potential for developing this area is high. A factor which plays a major role in this respect is the development of the tarred road (the Trans-Kalahari Highway) connecting Namibia with Botswana and other parts of Africa.


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